This story previously appeared in Volume I of the Capital City Press Anthology.

Drive to the corner of 104th and 104th. Enter the parking lot next to the arena.

Park next to the dumpsters. Behind them is a service door marked “NO ENTRY.” It’s unlocked; go through it.

Follow the hallway until you reach the door at the very end. Don’t look behind you.

Whisper your most dangerous secret. The door will open.

The room on the other side is dark. Don’t turn on the light—you won’t like what you see.

Take exactly nine steps and close your eyes. When you open them, you’ll be in the garden.

An old man will offer you directions. Refuse, but be polite.

Go through the gate to your left. Do not make eye contact with the magpie.

At the end of the path are three bridges, guarded by three bronze statues. All the statues will scream when stuck with a pin, but only one will cry. Cross the bridge it guards.

Next you’ll need to traverse the desert. Find the brightest star on the horizon and walk towards it. Do not stray, no matter what the whispers tell you.

When you reach the standing stones, you’ll see two that lean against each other, forming an arch. Remember to hum the first few bars of “Fiddler’s Green,” as you pass through, or nothing will happen.

You’ll find yourself in the forest. Follow the deer trail toward the sound of water. When you reach the river, enter the tunnel behind the waterfall.

Deep inside the caves, you’ll find a small wooden house with a wishbone hanging in the front window.

Knock, then leave delivery by the door. Thank you!